It's not black & white

I have far too much fun looking for ways to understand and present data in my cartography, GIS and data visualisation work, where I try to visually present complex concepts and data sets in ways that make them accessible to a wide audience, while still depicting the complexities and peculiarities of the respective topic. I’m also well versed in data cleaning, database management (SQL), feature engineering, statistical analyses and a wide variety of machine learning techniques. I specialise in using modern and open-source tools including Python (with the packages pandas, numpy, scipy, matplotlib, bokeh, scitkit-learn, gdal, rasterio), R, QGIS and Blender 3D.

When I’m not on the job, I love running, working my way through the Japanese and Arabic alphabet(s), attempting to cook every recipe I can find, and indulging my love for exploring nature and seeing new places.

I also enjoy taking photos of everything I see: