Collection of personal information

Nothing on this website requires you to identify yourself. The only personal information collected while you visit this site is non-identifying information, such as browser type and operating system. This information is collected by Google Analytics for measuring visitor traffic to this site. This information is collected via cookies. Most web browsers allow you to control handling of cookies. To the best of my knowledge, you can disable all cookies for this website without in any way reducing the functionality for you. I do not collect this information and have no access to it other than as aggregated reports.

Your IP address is anonymised within Google Analytics and the “Do Not Track” request is respected.

If you decide to send me an e-mail with a request for work or other information, I will retain your name (if given), your email address, and the content of your message for future reference. This data will be stored in a save and encrypted location to which only I have access to.

Sharing of personal information

The data collected by me, as indicated above, will not be shared with 3rd parties or government agencies. The data collected by Google Analytics will be retained by Google, in accordance with their policy.

Use of personal information

For each visitor to reach the site, Google Analytics collects the following non-personally identifiable information, including but not limited to browser type, version and language, operating system, pages viewed while browsing the site, page access times and referring website address. This information is presented to me as aggregated reports for the purpose of gauging visitor traffic and trends.