I’m a Data scientist experienced w/ developing descriptive and predictive models in Python, R and PostgreSQL. I have deep knowledge of all stages of the data science life cycle, including business and data understanding, modelling and deployment, and a talent for quickly mastering new information, procedures, and technologies.

My domain-knowledge is in cybersecurity and petroleum geosciences. I’m also a skilled communicator with ability to interface with diverse external and internal stakeholders.

By training, I’m a geologist with expertise in sedimentology, and I have held a variety of research positions in carbonate geology at the VU University Amsterdam (NL), Total S.A. (FR) and Khalifa University of Science & Technology in Abu Dhabi (UAE).

What I do:

  • Data wrangling and feature engineering
  • Data analysis and visualisation
  • Model development (descriptive, predictive through machine learning)

The tools I use: Python 3, R and PostgreSQL.

I also know QGIS, Blender3D, OpenJump, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo and Meshroom.